The active ingredients of Kamagra are 4 of the most powerful natural products with respect to sexual dysfunction in men. Each capsule of Kamagra contains standardized extracts of: L-arginine 250 mg, Yohimbe 50 mg (10% extract) Ginseng 150 mg, tribulus 150 mg. The process of standardization ensure the purity and efficacy of each capsule.

How does Kamagra?

The ingredients have a synergistic effect on premature ejaculation, achieving and maintaining an erection.


Supports the formation of nitric oxide synthesis of proteins. Nitric oxide dilates blood vessels in the male sexual organ, which leads to engorgement and erection. A stimulating effect on spermatogenesis – increases sperm count and improves their mobility. Increases physical endurance.


It has been shown to increase libido, sexual frequency and quality of erections. It has beneficial effects in men with sexual dysfunction vascular and psychogenic origin. Restores neurotransmitters and acts of vascular receptors. Leads to a better and more prolonged erection.


Enhances the effect of nitric oxide. Increases physical endurance. Removes fatigue and physical exhaustion. As an adaptogen removes anxiety and helps overcome premature ejaculation.